Limiting the Cost of an Open Bar

September 25, 2012

Many facilities (including Almansor Court) charge for “open bar” services on an hourly basis.  This allows you to limit the expense while ensuring the satisfaction of your guests.  This fee is often variable depending on the number of guests you have invited and the types of alcohol you’ve chosen to offer.

Other facilities may also charge by the bottle, by the drink, or by the guest – just makes sure you know how you’ll be charged before signing any contracts.

You can always set hard limits on the amount of money you are willing to spend.  Options such as setting a dollar amount at which any further beverages must be paid for by the gests, limiting the types of “complimentary” drinks (say just a few types of beer or wine), purchasing a certain amount of beverage coupons, or even combinations of these solutions can drastically reduce the damage to your budget.

When determining wether to have a cash or open bar at your event (or whether or not to offer alcoholic beverages at all) the key is to communicate your desires and your limitations effectively to your caterer or to the banquet facility which is providing the bar staff.