What to Expect from Our Bridal Shows

September 23, 2012

Bridal shows can be a very useful tool for a bride-to-be. Of course, not all bridal shows are created equally, so to make the most of your time and effort be sure to choose one where quality vendors and samples are what you can expect.

There are many bridal shows in Los Angeles, but ours is one of the very best! You don’t have to take our word for it. Below is an excerpt from a review written by a bride who attended our very successful October bridal show.

“…This was my first expo and I had my co-worker there to accompany me as well as get their opinions for this potential wedding venue. They had a full bar set up with wine tasting samples for $1 (that scored major points)..then they had a buffet with all the different meals and appetizers they offer (free btw)..after, we were directed to the reception room with different table settings and centerpieces(some were gorgeous!). We sat down and enjoyed our meals and punch while a live band played a variety of music. We made our way to a separate room of the facility and met with different vendors that did cakes, photography, entertainment etc…there was even a photo booth where we took some funny pictures :p…If you are planning on getting married, I recommend going to a bridal expo! You get a true feel for what your wedding could be;)”

The bride who wrote the above review hit on the main reason a bride-to-be should attend a bridal show; because “you get a true feel for what your wedding could be.” Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the case with all bridal shows, but at Almansor Court, we actually serve samples of the food you could have at your wedding and we have several sample centerpieces in addition to other décor. Attendees will also have the chance to see all of our facilities and meet our helpful and knowledgeable staff.

Another reason to attend bridal shows in Los Angeles is to get a chance to meet a variety of vendors. In one afternoon you will be able to meet with photographers, florists, bakers and other vendors all under one roof. You’ll be able to view their portfolios and chat with the vendors.

Almansor Court will be hosting another bridal show on April 5th, 2011. When the doors open at 6:30, brides-to-be will be ushered into the show where they will be able to sample many items from the wedding package menu, see how the ballrooms look when all decked out for a wedding and meet with vendors. Be sure to join us for this event. If you’re planning a wedding, you can’t afford to miss it!

Whether you are early in the planning stages or soon to be married, a stop at a bridal show is a great way to be sure that you are not forgetting any details and have a great time doing it.