Guest Event Ticket Sales

Sell Tickets to your Alamnsor Court Event Online with our Website!

With Guest Event Ticket Sales, hosting a reunion, birthday party, social event, or retirement party just became a lot easier!

When you book your event at Almansor Court, you have a choice of placing the event on our website for online sales. Your guests can then purchase tickets from our website on their computer or mobile device using a credit or debit card.


Completely customized for each event – set multiple ticket prices, presale tickets, and total number to be sold

Exposure – Your event is featured on our website and you receive links for your guests to visit and purchase tickets

Ease of Use – The host no longer has to chase down guests for payment – everything is handled ahead of time and is trackable

Funds When You Need It – We conveniently handle the ticket sales funds and disburse before the event if you need to pay your vendors

You can pay Almansor Court out of the ticket sales funds, and excess funds leftover from the event after paying the facility are disbursed within 15 days via check

You have the choice to have your guests pay credit card processing fees or pay for them yourself

Mention this to our Catering Department when booking your event to setup your event with Guest Event Ticket Sales.

Photo courtesy of Jacob Galleries