Summer Weddings

April 1, 2013

Planning a summer wedding could be hectic, and one of the most common issues is choosing the perfect venue for your big day. Whether you want to organize an outdoor wedding or opt for an indoor banquet facility; here are a few tips to make your summer wedding a roaring success.

Summer Wedding Venue

For outdoor weddings a well-decorated gazebo could add an instant charm to your wedding.

A lakeside wedding with a beautiful gazebo bedecked with flowers and organza or sheer canopy is not only apt weather-wise but also has a majestic touch to it. The serene still water adds to the picturesque beauty of the surrounding.

If you are planning for an early summer wedding, then go for an afternoon ceremony that lasts till the sunset. And if you have a slightly longer guest list, a golf course would serves as a convenient venue.

Golf Course Wedding Venue

Not only does it provide you with the chance to transform it the way you want to, but you also have a fairly large area to show your creativity on. Not to mention, the venue would be the perfect choice for any golf enthusiast.

Of course for those who want to traverse the traditional route and stick to an indoor reception, a banquet hall replete with state-of-the-art decoration and facilities would be ideal.

You can play with the lighting, color effect, and the overall arrangement as you see fit. Also, since your choice of banquet halls would already be equipped with furniture and décor items, you would cut down a few costs as well.

Banquet Decorating Ideas for Summer