Planning a Funeral Reception

September 24, 2012

The death of a loved one is understandably a very stressful time. Still, amidst the stress and grief, the family that is left behind has many tasks to complete in the week following the death. One such event that requires planning is the funeral reception.

The need to organize the funeral reception, sometimes called a repast, can seem like a daunting task; but the right location will help with all of the details. Below are some items to think about when planning a funeral reception.

The Purpose

The purpose of a funeral reception or repast is to allow friends and family to gather after the funeral to comfort each other and spend a bit more time remembering their loved one. This is a time for the family to be able to see the support that is available to them and to hear words of comfort from the attendees.

There is usually a meal involved, and that can mean a lot of work for the family. Also, if the event is held at their home, they have to deal with cleanup and, perhaps, with guests who linger just a bit too long. These are all good reasons to hold the funeral reception at a banquet facility.

Almansor Court is very experienced in handling funeral receptions. The staff can make the process easier and will handle most of the details.

Assign a Host

Because the funeral reception typically takes place immediately following the graveside service, it is a good idea to assign a host to greet guests who may arrive before the family. Even if there is no chance of this, having someone available to greet guests and show them where to go is still a good idea.

If a funeral reception is held at Almansor Court, a staff member would be able to show guests to the correct room and provide some general direction until the family arrived.

How to Announce It

A common question about funeral receptions is how to announce the event. If you plan for the event to be only for select people, then you will have to spread the news through word of mouth. If the funeral reception is more open, then you can ask the minister or funeral director to announce the reception, including location, at the end of the services.


As mentioned above, a funeral reception typically involves a meal. Trying to plan and organize a meal can just be too much for a grieving family. This is another reason that holding the funeral reception at Almansor Court makes sense. All the family has to do is book the room and select their menu. Everything else from cooking to serving to cleanup is handled by the staff.

Call Almansor Court today to ask about our affordable menu options and learn how we can accommodate groups of just about any size.

Place for Cards

You will also need a small table or box in which guests can place sympathy cards. This will help to keep all such cards together, ensuring that they make it into the hands of the family members.

Almansor Court will be happy to help you during this difficult time in your life. Our helpful and caring staff will make sure that every detail is taken care of so that you can visit with guests and not have to give one thought to the food or cleanup.