How to Make Your Wedding Reception Venue Fit Your Theme

September 19, 2012

Theme weddings are a popular choice. Whether your theme is romantic, such as Victorian, or much more quirky, such as a firefighter-themed wedding, there are tips to help your wedding reception venue fit your theme.

1. The Right Venue

The most important tip may be to choose your wedding reception venue carefully. You want to find a venue that is willing to work with you and allow you to make reasonable requests when it comes to décor and other items.

Almansor Court has worked with hundreds of brides who wanted their theme to be incorporated into their reception in various ways. The professional staff at this wedding reception venue will work hard to make sure that your vision comes to life.

2. Decorations

Obviously, decorations go a long way in bringing your theme wedding reception together. You do not necessarily need to cover the venue in obvious theme-related décor. Instead, subtle is often best. For example, one bride had a Victorian-themed wedding. She placed lovely antique lace fans on the food, cake and gift tables. This was one of many subtle touches this bride used to help make her theme come alive.

3. Music

The music that you choose can be an easy and inexpensive way to embellish your theme. Choose music that will help put the guests in a mood that fits your theme. For example, choose classical music for a Victorian theme or big band for a wedding with a 1940’s glamour theme.

Of course, not all themes will have appropriate music choices, but if your theme does, including it is a nice touch. You do not have to have this theme music playing all night. Perhaps such music could be playing as guests arrive, or during the meal. Then, you can switch to other musical selections when it is time for dancing.

4. Table Settings

The table setting at a wedding reception venue is another way to drive home your theme. While most wedding reception venues provide a basic table setting, many will allow you to add your own touches.

The same bride who placed antique lace fans around her wedding reception venue also added some items to her table décor. For favors, she had selected lovely Victorian style picture frames. She placed one at each place setting with a single dried rose placed in front of the frame, lying on the table.

For the centerpieces, she selected hurricane globes with candles and then used additional dried roses as accents. The wedding reception venue did not supply the hurricane globes, so she had to purchase them. Such extra expenses are worth it to many brides who are working to help their wedding reception venue fit their theme.

5. Extra Touches

There are a number of ways that extra touches can be used to add to the feel of the theme at your wedding reception venue. Some brides hire vendors, such as strolling musicians or, for the most quirky of themes, even costumed interpretative characters. Favors, the cake and the food are other ways to add extra touches concerning your theme.

Making your wedding reception fit your theme is easier than you might think. The key is often in the details, so keep your theme in mind when planning every aspect of your big day.