Find the Perfect Venue for Your Class Reunion

September 25, 2012

Class reunions are a blast!  They’re a great opportunity to catch up with old friends you’ve fallen out of touch with, see what people are doing now, laugh at how much you’ve all changed (or stayed the same), and generally reminisce about those good old days.  But planning class reunions can be a pain.  Especially since the responsibility for the whole thing falls on the shoulders of a few volunteers.

One of the hardest parts is searching through all of the class reunion venues to find the perfect one.  Everybody has their own list of ideal class reunion venues and everybody thinks their class reunion location ideas are best, but there are few things everybody agrees on.

The venue has to be:

  • Centrally located
  • Roomy enough for your crowd
  • Full-service enough to suit your needs
  • AND still be affordable 

And when you think you’ve narrowed the field down you should always ask about:

  • The various rooms, halls, or outdoor locations they offer
  • Group rates or special discounts
  • Menu availability and customizability (if you’re having the event catered by the same company)
  • The amount of parking available
  • Any restrictions the venue may have (such as music outside after certain hours)
  • Adaptability due to unforeseen events such as changes in the weather
  • If anyone is available to help with the planning process
  • About any incidental services they offer (staffed bar, valet parking, coat check, etc.)

As you can see, the list goes far beyond “what kind of music should we play?”

But planning the perfect reunion and finding that perfect venue doesn’t have to be hard.  Just minutes from L.A., Burbank, and Pasadena, Almansor Court the premier Banquet Facility in Alhambra specializes in making event planning easy.  Their helpful catering staff can help you plan a memorable class reunion.  Booking your event with Almansor Court means you’ll be able to take advantage of some premier services that you won’t find with other facilities.  Check back soon to find out more about the time and money saving services they offer.