Fall Wedding Ideas For Every Budget

April 1, 2013

Tying the knot when there is a hint of rustic festivity, coupled with just the right nip in the air, is one of the foremost reasons why so many weddings take place during Fall.

A ranch wedding in a barn with wooden tables, chandeliers and opulent décor is warming, especially if you are big on countryside weddings. For the actual decoration go with visually appealing fabrics like silk, sequenced organza, and even suede in gold, wheat, and copper colors to complement the sylvan charm.

Fall Wedding Ideas

It’s all about loud vibrant colors this Fall, from oxblood, roast red, aubergine, mocha, taupe, to sage green. Or bring in a touch of contrast with overlapping a lighter and darker shade of the some color; this would look fabulous on napkins.

No matter if it’s a lavish or an intimate wedding, candles can change the décor from suave to sumptuous by the very way it has been customized and placed. Put candles in black painted glass votives, which are then covered with translucent but fireproof material on top (preferable in red or champagne color) or dunk in a few wild flower petals, to be placed on the table.

Another way to team up candles and glass is by placing a mirrored glass right on top of a pillar candle, so that it reflects the light off. You can skip the chandelier then.

If you’d rather not take chances with the unpredictable autumn weather,indoor foliage would work best for you. Whether it’s a wall covered in dried autumn leaves and wild flowers in orange and red accents, or a centerpiece made of the recent harvest preferably surrounded by berry and metallic colored motifs, the choice is yours.

Indoor Wedding Ideas