Corporate Parties

September 24, 2012


The holiday season is a great time to host corporate parties. You will be able to thank your employees and clients for their loyalty and hard work and celebrate the holidays at the same time. A corporate party is a great way to show your appreciation and have a fun, relaxing night with the people that you work with all year long.

Almansor Court is the perfect venue for many reasons. The food is fabulous, and there are menu options to suit just about any budget. We also have rooms to suit parties of most any size. Businesses in the San Gabriel Valley are not the only ones who should take advantage of this beautiful venue.

You can make the night even more memorable for your guests by renting a party bus to take them from your city to Almansor Court. White Rose Limousine offers many types of party buses that will make your party guests feel like VIPs from the moment that they step inside.

Choosing a party bus allows the party to start as soon as you all get together rather than having to wait until everyone has arrived at the venue. A party bus also eliminates the chance of someone driving after they have had a little too much to drink.  Special rates are available for weekday events, so you can rent a luxurious party bus without blowing your budget. 

Almansor Court also offers special low rates for parties that are held on certain weekdays.  Even if you think that a corporate party is outside of your budget, you may be surprised just how affordable Almansor Court can make such an event. We have menu options that start as low as $16 per person.

Because Almansor Court does all of the work, you won’t need a huge committee of people to plan the party. Just meet with a member of our knowledgeable staff, choose your menu and room,and we will do the rest. Perhaps, best of all, you won’t have to worry about clean up after the party!

Call today to learn how easy it is to thank your staff and/or clients. Whether you choose the Share-a-Holiday event or want to host a corporate party, Alamansor Court makes it easy and affordable.