Corporate Event Planning Tips – Part I

September 24, 2012

Corporate event planning involves many moving parts. You need to plan for a venue, food, transportation and a host of other details. Corporate events include parties, training events and other types of meetings. Yes, there are a lot of items to consider. But that doesn’t mean that corporate event planning is difficult. This is Part I of a II Part Post on Corporate Event Planning. Below are some things to consider so that your corporate event planning efforts will yield the desired results.


A live band, a DJ, a comedian, dancers or any other type of entertainment should be booked as soon as possible. Once you have a date for your event, begin to narrow down your list of entertainers. Remember, the best will be booked months in advance, so put down a deposit as soon as you make a decision.

Audio Visual Equipment

This includes microphones, speakers, televisions, overhead projectors and computer setups. Some venues will provide certain pieces of audio visual equipment. Others will need to be rented and brought to the venue.


You want the décor to fit the event. If you are handling corporate event planning for a company Christmas party, the décor needs will be much different than if you are planning a board meeting. Depending on the venue that you choose, some décor options will be provided. If you need to bring in other items, be sure to coordinate with the venue about how much in advance you will have access to the event room(s).


If you require staging for your corporate event, be sure to discuss this with your selected venue. If your venue does not have staging on hand, it can be rented from a local supply company and brought to the venue.

Check back soon for more tips we’ll cover in Part II of our Corporate Event Planning series.