Banquets and Buffets – What to Expect

September 23, 2012

When planning any type of special event, the food is one of the biggest considerations. Trying to please everyone on the guest list is sometimes downright impossible. But by understanding what to expect from a banquet or buffet style event you can take steps to ensure that most will have a pleasant experience.

Guests should always expect that food at a banquet will be served at the appropriate temperatures and be fresh. This is true whether you choose a bargain basement caterer or one that is the top of the line. Of course, not all banquet facilities take care to make such assurances, so the selection of the banquet hall is of the utmost importance.

You need to choose a facility that cares about quality and about satisfying each of their guests. Almansor Court has an extensive menu of choices that you hand pick for your event. Quality is extremely important to the staff, and all menu items are prepared with great care.

With a buffet, wait staff is still usually on hand, but in a much more limited role. In some cases, they will refill drinks at the tables. In other cases, they will just be there to answer questions and refill food items on the table. Of course, with a plated banquet dinner, the role of wait staff will be more inclusive.

Below are some tips to ensure that your guests will enjoy the food at your event.

The Venue

As mentioned above, the selection of the venue is of the utmost importance. They are not all created equally. Choosing a high quality facility is half the battle. If possible, sample the food items that will be served at your event.

Remember that the staff has as much to do with the experience that your guests will have as the food does. Professional, attentive and courteous staff is a must.

Food Items

An extensive menu of options is another way that you can cater to the tastes of as many of your guests as possible. Almansor Court has a menu that includes a very large selection of items. There are dozens of beef, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. Some facilities only offer one vegetarian option. Almansor Court has four, including vegetable lasagna, pasta primavera and garden vegetable compote.

There are a number of buffet options that each feature dozens of items and the dessert menu includes an array of pastries and an optional ice cream sundae bar.

Special Needs

It seems like everyone these days has some sort of special needs when it comes to what they eat. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, soy-free and an ever expanding array of food allergies must be on the minds of anyone planning a special event that involves food.

If possible, ask guests about special dietary needs. This can be done by making a spot on the R.S.V.P. for such a request. Of course, this is not possible for every event. The best that you can do is offer enough variety in the menu that all guests will be able to eat something.

100% Satisfaction? It’s Not Going to Happen

At any event, there is likely to be at least a couple of guests that are not pleased with some aspect of their experience, including the food. Just expect that, and don’t take it personally.

Let Almansor Court handle your next special event. We take great pride in our extensive menu and in the care with which we prepare our food. We will work hard so that you and your guests will have the best possible experience.