3 Beauty Basics to Look Your Best on the Wedding Day!

September 25, 2012


Don’t be afraid to apply your own makeup the day of your wedding.  The trick is to stay with what you know enhances your beauty.  Use your natural tones and strokes, but add additional layers for a bolder look. Statement-eyes will steal the day so don’t be afraid of thick, luscious lashes.  Applying makeup on a clean canvas will have you glowing and flawless. 

Getting That Clean Canvas: Clean Eating = Clear Skin

Eating a diet packed with green fruits and veggies along with omega-rich foods will have your skin bright and dewy come wedding day.  The week before your event try to add 32 ounces of green fruits and veggies to your daily diet. 

1.    Pears, spinach, celery, kale…..these dark green leafy vegetables offer lots of fiber (for clear skin) and plenty of  vitamin A and C (for anti-aging and discoloration).  Kale also contains lutein, a nutrient that makes the white parts of your eyes brighter.  

2.    Fill up on wild salmon to help reduce inflammation.  This omega-rich food reduces wrinkles and puffiness, says Connecticut dermatologist Nicholas Perricone.  

3.    Low sugar fruits such as cucumbers, avocado and tomatoes can also reduce bloating and make your skin vibrant.  

Ensure Great Hair: Get started early.

The trick to manageable hair is having enough volume and texture to hold the style.  Washing and blow drying your hair either the night before rehearsal dinner or the morning of will have you looking great at rehearsal dinner and will ensure manageability come wedding day.

Fragrance: Don’t overdo it!

You’d be surprised how many brides get this step wrong on their wedding day.  Yes, you want to smell beautiful, but you don’t want to overpower with perfume.  Try washing with a fragrant body wash and applying a scented body lotion.  The body lotion will last far longer than any perfume.