• Summer Weddings

    April 1, 2013 |

    Planning a summer wedding could be hectic, and one of the most common issues is choosing the perfect venue for your big day. Whether you want to organize an outdoor wedding or opt for an indoor banquet facility; here are a few tips to make your summer wedding a roaring success.

    Summer Wedding Venue

    For outdoor weddings a well-decorated gazebo could add an instant charm to your wedding.

    A lakeside wedding with a beautiful gazebo bedecked with flowers and organza or sheer canopy is not only apt weather-wise but also has a majestic touch to it. The serene still water adds to the picturesque beauty of the surrounding.

    If you are planning for an early summer wedding, then go for an afternoon ceremony that lasts till the sunset. And if you have a slightly longer guest list, a golf course would serves as a convenient venue.

    Golf Course Wedding Venue

    Not only does it provide you with the chance to transform it the way you want to, but you also have a fairly large area to show your creativity on. Not to mention, the venue would be the perfect choice for any golf enthusiast.

    Of course for those who want to traverse the traditional route and stick to an indoor reception, a banquet hall replete with state-of-the-art decoration and facilities would be ideal.

    You can play with the lighting, color effect, and the overall arrangement as you see fit. Also, since your choice of banquet halls would already be equipped with furniture and décor items, you would cut down a few costs as well.

    Banquet Decorating Ideas for Summer

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    Reception Decorating Ideas

    April 1, 2013 |

    Bellini Station

    A Bellini Station is the perfect way to keep your guest entertained.  It’s a great conversation topic and makes a beautiful backdrop for pictures.




    Elegant Ceilings

    Looking to glam up your reception space? Suspend sheer drapes from the ceiling!  This is a great way to add some subtle elegance to the room.



    Gazebo Head Tables

    Almansor Court’s gazebo is perfect for the wedding ceremony but can also be the perfect place to set up the head table during the reception.  Embellish it with colored drapes and dripping flowers.



    Wooden Menu Cards

    Fold wooden menu cards into each guest’s napkins for a personalized dining experience that’s both rustic and charming.


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    Fall Wedding Ideas For Every Budget

    April 1, 2013 |

    Tying the knot when there is a hint of rustic festivity, coupled with just the right nip in the air, is one of the foremost reasons why so many weddings take place during Fall.

    A ranch wedding in a barn with wooden tables, chandeliers and opulent décor is warming, especially if you are big on countryside weddings. For the actual decoration go with visually appealing fabrics like silk, sequenced organza, and even suede in gold, wheat, and copper colors to complement the sylvan charm.

    Fall Wedding Ideas

    It’s all about loud vibrant colors this Fall, from oxblood, roast red, aubergine, mocha, taupe, to sage green. Or bring in a touch of contrast with overlapping a lighter and darker shade of the some color; this would look fabulous on napkins.

    No matter if it’s a lavish or an intimate wedding, candles can change the décor from suave to sumptuous by the very way it has been customized and placed. Put candles in black painted glass votives, which are then covered with translucent but fireproof material on top (preferable in red or champagne color) or dunk in a few wild flower petals, to be placed on the table.

    Another way to team up candles and glass is by placing a mirrored glass right on top of a pillar candle, so that it reflects the light off. You can skip the chandelier then.

    If you’d rather not take chances with the unpredictable autumn weather,indoor foliage would work best for you. Whether it’s a wall covered in dried autumn leaves and wild flowers in orange and red accents, or a centerpiece made of the recent harvest preferably surrounded by berry and metallic colored motifs, the choice is yours.

    Indoor Wedding Ideas

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    Celebrate Thanksgiving Without the Hassle

    April 1, 2013 |

    The First Thanksgiving has become something of a myth – images of Pilgrims in black hats and buckled shoes dance in our heads as we imagine them dining on massive wild turkeys and breaking bread with Native Americans in feathered headdresses and buckskin.  That image is about as far from the truth as you can get but everyone agrees The First Thanksgiving was a feast held in November to celebrate a bountiful harvest and to give thanks for being around for one more year.

    Much has changed since 1621.  The holiday has been officially recognized by the government and we no longer have to hunt and harvest.  Thanksgiving has become more than just a day to give thanks for a winter’s worth of food.  Thanksgiving has become a time to reflect on the good things in life, a time to remember what makes us happy, to gather with friends and family, and to share our lives over a good meal. 
    But unfortunately it has also become a time of stress, overwork, and a hundred mini-crises.  Who is doing all the cooking?  Did you forget to pick up the dressing?  Is the turkey thawed out yet?  Can you pull Dad away from the football game long enough to eat at the dinner table?

    Thankfully, you can restore some semblance of peace to your holiday with Almansor Court’s Thanksgiving Buffet.  This annual event takes all the stress out of sitting down to a wonderful holiday meal – and there’s plenty of room at the table for all your friends and family.  

    Almansor Court is the premiere banquet facility in Alhambra and is famous for their spectacular Sunday Brunches – so just imagine what they can do when they pull out all the stops for the biggest food holiday of the year!

    Featuring traditional favorites such as turkey and dressing, the buffet has something to please everyone.  If you’re adventurous and are looking to tempt your taste buds with something a little more exciting, this year Almonsor court is serving crab, shrimp, prime rib, salmon, carne asada, salads, pasta, and much much more.  Make your way around the various carving stations and pile your plate high.  Then go and sit with your loved ones and eat until your heart’s content.  Joke, laugh, remember – but you can forget about doing the dishes.  Everything from the preparation through cooking and clean-up is taken care of for you.  So keep those card tables tucked away and forget about breaking out that roasting pan.

    Thanksgiving dinner will be served this year on Thursday November 22th from 10AM – 5PM.

    Reservations are highly recommended as space is limited and demand is high.  Call 626-570-4600 to save your spot for this one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving buffet.

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    3 Beauty Basics to Look Your Best on the Wedding Day!

    September 25, 2012 |


    Don’t be afraid to apply your own makeup the day of your wedding.  The trick is to stay with what you know enhances your beauty.  Use your natural tones and strokes, but add additional layers for a bolder look. Statement-eyes will steal the day so don’t be afraid of thick, luscious lashes.  Applying makeup on a clean canvas will have you glowing and flawless. 

    Getting That Clean Canvas: Clean Eating = Clear Skin

    Eating a diet packed with green fruits and veggies along with omega-rich foods will have your skin bright and dewy come wedding day.  The week before your event try to add 32 ounces of green fruits and veggies to your daily diet. 

    1.    Pears, spinach, celery, kale…..these dark green leafy vegetables offer lots of fiber (for clear skin) and plenty of  vitamin A and C (for anti-aging and discoloration).  Kale also contains lutein, a nutrient that makes the white parts of your eyes brighter.  

    2.    Fill up on wild salmon to help reduce inflammation.  This omega-rich food reduces wrinkles and puffiness, says Connecticut dermatologist Nicholas Perricone.  

    3.    Low sugar fruits such as cucumbers, avocado and tomatoes can also reduce bloating and make your skin vibrant.  

    Ensure Great Hair: Get started early.

    The trick to manageable hair is having enough volume and texture to hold the style.  Washing and blow drying your hair either the night before rehearsal dinner or the morning of will have you looking great at rehearsal dinner and will ensure manageability come wedding day.

    Fragrance: Don’t overdo it!

    You’d be surprised how many brides get this step wrong on their wedding day.  Yes, you want to smell beautiful, but you don’t want to overpower with perfume.  Try washing with a fragrant body wash and applying a scented body lotion.  The body lotion will last far longer than any perfume. 


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    Limiting the Cost of an Open Bar

    September 25, 2012 |

    Many facilities (including Almansor Court) charge for “open bar” services on an hourly basis.  This allows you to limit the expense while ensuring the satisfaction of your guests.  This fee is often variable depending on the number of guests you have invited and the types of alcohol you’ve chosen to offer.

    Other facilities may also charge by the bottle, by the drink, or by the guest – just makes sure you know how you’ll be charged before signing any contracts.

    You can always set hard limits on the amount of money you are willing to spend.  Options such as setting a dollar amount at which any further beverages must be paid for by the gests, limiting the types of “complimentary” drinks (say just a few types of beer or wine), purchasing a certain amount of beverage coupons, or even combinations of these solutions can drastically reduce the damage to your budget.

    When determining wether to have a cash or open bar at your event (or whether or not to offer alcoholic beverages at all) the key is to communicate your desires and your limitations effectively to your caterer or to the banquet facility which is providing the bar staff. 

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    Open Bar (Also Called Hosted Bar)

    September 25, 2012 |

    We’re continuing our discussion on Cash Bar versus Open Bar to help you understand the difference and make the right choice for your event.  To find out more about the Cash Bar in last month’s post.

    The term “open bar” refers to a bar that serves drinks to your guest which you pay for (usually in advance but not always).  This eliminates the necessity of guests having to purchase each drink themselves and allows them to enjoy the event with the addition of “complimentary” (at least to them) adult beverages.  

    As with the cash bar, you may be able to specify which types of alcoholic beverages the bar will stock.  This will allow you some leeway in pinpointing a final total dollar cost.  (If you stock top-shelf liquors the cost will be much higher – and the opposite is also true.)

    As a general rule of thumb, party planners recommend setting aside between $14 and $20 per guest for a 4 hour wedding reception.  Of course a number of factors will affect that such as the guest’s themselves, the time of day the reception is being held, the location of the event, etc.

    (It’s always good to assume that your guests, no matter how restrained, will be tempted to take full advantage of something they perceive as “free” or “complimentary.”)

    Open bars are subject to the same legal restriction as any other alcoholic beverage service:

    • All bars (open or otherwise) must be manned by members of the facilities own staff or by bar tenders hired by a professional catering service
    • Alcohol cannot be served to minors (IDs may be required)
    • Bar tenders legally must refrain from serving those deemed inebriated
    • No alcohol can leave the premises

    Find out next month on how to limit the cost of an open bar.  Almansor Court has options in place to help you accommodate your guests and your wallet.

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    Cash Bar Versus Open Bar

    September 25, 2012 |

    One of the biggest expenses you should expect to incur when planning your wedding, corporate event, or other gathering is the price of the cocktails.  If you choose to serve adult beverages at a hosting facilitysuch as Almansor Court, there are many things to consider.

    Generally, these types of facilities do not allow outside alcoholic beverages (or if they do, they charge a “corkage” fee per bottle).  Instead, you are given the options of either having a cash bar or an open bar(also called a hosted bar), either of which lend an heir of elegance and refinement to your event.

    There are several differences between the two including you’re obligations, the cost, and the presentation to your guests.  Over the next couple of months we’ll examine both a little more closely.

    Cash Bar:

    A cash bar at a wedding reception or corporate event functions as would a regular bar or tavern in your local area.  The bar is set up on site and staffed by employees of the facility.  Your guests must pay for each drink themselves.
    You may be able to request certain beverages be made available above and beyond what the standard “bar” offers – such as a preferred type of whiskey, vodka, or champagne.  However, you should definitely inquire about this far in advance of your event.

    There are several advantages of opting for a cash bar, most notably the price.  Because you are not paying for the alcoholic beverages yourself, you can save a tremendous amount of money.
    Keep in mind that you must often pay a bar set-up fee (Almansor Court charges $95 per event – which is fairly standard across the industry).  This fee includes the extra labor involved in setting up and stocking the bar before your event.  You may also have to pay an additional fee for the staff tending the bar as well, though this is generally worked into your contract as an itemized expense and won’t appear as an after-the-fact charge.

    The biggest disadvantage of having a cash bar is the presentation to your guests.  Guests, especially at weddings, may tend to expect an open bar.  Historically, wedding receptions have featured an open bar or hosted bar giving guests the illusion that the beverages are “free” or “complimentary.”  

    But cash bars (or some hybrid between a cash bar and a full open bar) are gaining popularity with modern wedding receptions.  In fact, many banquet facilities have begun offering limited alcoholic beverages (such as a glass of wine or cocktail with the meal and a champagne toast) within their standard wedding reception packages.

    For non-wedding events such as corporate retreats and networking events cash bars have always been – and continue to be – acceptable.

    Next month we’ll delve into what is an Open Bar or Hosted Bar.  Check back soon!.

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    Groom’s Checklist Continued

    September 25, 2012 |

    Last month we shared part 1 of “The Groom’s Checklist“, which included a list of what The Groom would need to do at 3 months and 1 month before the wedding. As the big day approaches, here’s what you Guys need to make sure you handle:

    One Week Out (Nervous Yet?)

    1. Start a day-of kit.  This should have everything you’re likely to need in it:  a copy of your vows, directions to the ceremony – in case you get any last minute calls from lost relatives, a checklist of toiletries and such you’ll need when getting dressed—especially if you plan to don your tux at the church or wedding venue.  Having this all lined up and ready to go will eliminate crisis situations before they arise.
    2. Bach it up.  The night before your wedding is the traditional night of the bachelor party; however, it may not always be the best time to have such a shindig.  Consider having your bachelor party a few days before – to give you time to recover and avoid any “hangover” type delays.
    3. Check on the transportation.  This means to and from the wedding venue and to wherever you’re going after that.  Nobody wants to get left behind.

    The Day Of (It’s Finally Here)

    This is just a short checklist of things you should have with you – all the heavy lifting is already done.

    1. The rings – priority number one.
    2. The vows – in your pocket at all times, even if you’ve “memorized” them.
    3. Your toiletries (including hair product, deodorant, cologne, and the like.
    4. The tux
    5. The shoes (people forget them all the time – keep them with the tux)
    6. Gum, mints, or mouthwash (bad breath ruins the party every time)
    7. A comb (in your pocket for “surprise” photo opportunities – it’s your job to make your wife look good)
    8. Your best man’s gift (you bought it but you still have to give it to him)
    9. A change of clothes for the reception and any parties after (don’t forget the shoes)
    10. Your driver’s license and keys.  You don’t want to forget that if you plan on going anywhere after the ceremony.
    11. A designated driver – always be safe.

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    The Groom’s Checklist

    September 25, 2012 |

    Traditionally, weddings are a woman’s affair.  Yes, the groom does have to show up on the appointed day at the appointed time (or face the wrath of his soon-to-be wife) but that’s really about it – unless you count the months and months of listening to his fiancée plan.  

    But there are a few important things that every well-prepared groom must take into account so that he doesn’t hold up the proceedings on that special day or make the ceremony and reception anything less than spectacular.  

    So, here’s a groom’s checklist to help all those husbands-to-be avoid spending their wedding night in the doghouse. 

    Three Months Out (No, It’s Not too Early)

    1. Get fitted for the tux.  This process is relatively simple and hassle-free but too many grooms wait too long to do this and end up rushing at the last minute to get their wedding day outfit lined up.  The key here is that whether you’re renting your tux or having one tailored, it takes time.  Allow plenty of it so that the garment will be ready on the day-of and to take into account any last-minute alterations that you might need.
    2. Ask your best man.  If you haven’t done this already, shame on you.  As a guy, it’s easy just to assume that your best bud will stand up with you.  However, that’s not always the case.  Some men choose not to for one reason or another (they don’t like crowds, they want to avoid family conflict, or – heaven forbid – they don’t like the bride).  And when picking your best man, you don’t have to be traditional.  If one of your friends doesn’t want to do it, how about a member of your fiancées family or perhaps – with your wife’s permission – another woman (a sister, cousin, or childhood friend).
    3. Scope out a ring.  If you’ve already got the ring, you’re off the hook.  If you haven’t, now is the time to get it done.  It’s more about knowing your wife’s finger-size though.  If she genuinely wants to be surprised you’ll have to do a lot of asking (or listen very carefully to her hints).  If not, bring her in on the search – there’s no better way to make sure you get it right.

    One Month Out (Almost There)

    1. Check on your tux.  Make sure it’s here (or will be), that it fits, and that it looks like the picture in the catalog or the model that was on display.  There’s only a little time to make sure everything is the right shade of red or that your cuffs aren’t halfway up your leg – so don’t procrastinate.
    2. Buy your best man a keepsake.  The best man gift is traditionally something that has meaning between friends.  An engraved flask might seem like a good idea at first but I’m sure there are plenty more personal options out there.
    3. Make sure your wife is okay with the guest list.  No matter how clichéd it is, your future wife might not get along with some of her soon-to-be in-laws.  Finalizing the guest list is a good way to avoid wedding day hysterics.  Of course your immediate family should be there but your beer-swilling, loud-mouth cousin who wears the greasy ball cap everywhere might not have to be at the ceremony (sneak him into the reception after the champagne’s been popped).

     Check back soon for your checklist at One Week out and The Day Of!

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    Easter Champagne Brunch at Almansor Court

    September 25, 2012 |


    If you’re looking for an Easter Brunch near Los Angeles that’s a little more special than just another mid-morning meal, Celebrate Easter Sunday with the best brunch in the San Gabriel Valley.
    Almansor Court, in Alhambra, has been hosting the top-voted brunch in the valley for years and this Easter Sunday will be no exception.  Come experience what thousands of families from all over California and the world have discovered – that the Champagne Brunches at Almansor Court are one-of-a-kind.

    If you’re expecting Easter brunch near Los Angeles to be underwhelming, think again.  The Easter Sunday brunch features a special menu created just for this special occasion.  You’ll find all of your favorite brunch “staples” (with a touch of Almansor flair) such as waffles, eggs your-way, omelets, fruit and vegetarian options, and much, much, more. 

    But Almansor Court didn’t earn the title of Best Sunday Brunch in San Gabriel Valley without going above and beyond your expectations.  Their weekly brunch is nothing short of spectacular and on holidays, the chefs at Almansor pull out all the stops.  You’ll also be able to sample and enjoy non-traditional offerings such as sushi, crab dishes, and specialty salads. 

    And don’t forget to top off your special meal with a deliciously divine dessert.  

    So if you’d like to treat yourself, your family, or that special someone to a memorable experience this holiday, visit the Almansor Court Banquet Facility’s once-in-a-lifetime Easter Champagne Brunch, right near Los Angeles.  

    Easter falls on March 31st this year and the special holiday brunches almost always fill up quickly – so reserve your place now by calling 626-570-4600.


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    Premium Services for Class Reunions

    September 25, 2012 |

    As we discussed in our last post, finding the perfect venue for your class reunion is key.  Almansor Court stands out from other venues where you could host a class reunion because of the premier services we offer that make that process even easier for you.

    Anyone coordinating a class reunion these days knows that having a website page with all of the details of the event is a must.  And because we work with that’s exactly what you’ll get.  Your own page, privately-braded with all the details of the reunion.   This webpage will be in addition to the announcement we’ll have on our website, allowing people to find out more info, buy tickets and share the event on Facebook and Twitter. 
    All you’ll have to do is point your guests to the website for directions, times, ticket prices, descriptions of the facility. Not only will you be able to share this page via social networks, but you’ll free yourself from dozens or even hundreds of phone calls and emails.  You won’t have to repeat what’s going on, who will be there, or directions on how to find the place – ever.  In addition to saving you time and money it means there’s less of a chance of information getting “lost” in translation.

    And right on that website your guests will find a link through which they can purchase tickets for the event.  This service allows your classmates to do all the “heavy lifting.”  It’s a point, click, and buy affair so you don’t have to worry about handling cash, making sure tickets get delivered (and not lost in the mail), or even keeping track of the guest count – it’s all done for you.

    They even have tons of free guest parking available.

    But don’t let that level of service fool you.  Your class reunion doesn’t have to be a formal affair.  You should never let the venue dictate how your event goes down.  The right venue will tailor the event to fit your needs, whether that be classy and elegant or laid back and casual.  

    And, as far as pricing goes, Almansor Court is one of the most affordable venues of its size.  In fact, their competitive pricing and available discounts (including group rate pricing) means that you can get all the venue you need for a price that you’ll be comfortable with.  The money you save can be put toward entertainment, bar service, keepsakes and mementoes, or even reinvested for your next reunion.
    Planning your class reunion shouldn’t suck all of the fun out of the reunion.  Everyone (including those behind the scenes who made the event happen) should be able to relax, enjoy themselves, and have fun catching up with old friends.  So when you’re planning your event, look for a venue that makes the process as hassle-free as possible. 

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    Find the Perfect Venue for Your Class Reunion

    September 25, 2012 |

    Class reunions are a blast!  They’re a great opportunity to catch up with old friends you’ve fallen out of touch with, see what people are doing now, laugh at how much you’ve all changed (or stayed the same), and generally reminisce about those good old days.  But planning class reunions can be a pain.  Especially since the responsibility for the whole thing falls on the shoulders of a few volunteers.

    One of the hardest parts is searching through all of the class reunion venues to find the perfect one.  Everybody has their own list of ideal class reunion venues and everybody thinks their class reunion location ideas are best, but there are few things everybody agrees on.

    The venue has to be:

    • Centrally located
    • Roomy enough for your crowd
    • Full-service enough to suit your needs
    • AND still be affordable 

    And when you think you’ve narrowed the field down you should always ask about:

    • The various rooms, halls, or outdoor locations they offer
    • Group rates or special discounts
    • Menu availability and customizability (if you’re having the event catered by the same company)
    • The amount of parking available
    • Any restrictions the venue may have (such as music outside after certain hours)
    • Adaptability due to unforeseen events such as changes in the weather
    • If anyone is available to help with the planning process
    • About any incidental services they offer (staffed bar, valet parking, coat check, etc.)

    As you can see, the list goes far beyond “what kind of music should we play?”

    But planning the perfect reunion and finding that perfect venue doesn’t have to be hard.  Just minutes from L.A., Burbank, and Pasadena, Almansor Court the premier Banquet Facility in Alhambra specializes in making event planning easy.  Their helpful catering staff can help you plan a memorable class reunion.  Booking your event with Almansor Court means you’ll be able to take advantage of some premier services that you won’t find with other facilities.  Check back soon to find out more about the time and money saving services they offer.

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    The Sweet 16 Venue

    September 25, 2012 |

    In our last post we shared the first tip to keep in mind when planning a Sweet 16 party – Set a Budget.  This week we are going to talk about how setting realistic expectations and choosing the right Sweet 16 venue in Los Angeles can make all the difference.

    Set Realistic Expectations

    MTV’s Super Sweet 16 has set the bar unrealistically high when it comes to Sweet 16 parties. This means that some parents are willing to spend far more than necessary in order to try and compete with what they see on the show. 

    At the start of your sweet 16 planning, talk to your child about how often times comparing themselves with others will lead to disappointment. Explain that their sweet 16 party will be unique and special, but that comparing is not productive.

    Selecting The Sweet 16 Venue

    The single most important decision that you will make is choosing a venue. When looking for a party location in San Gabriel Valley, you want to find one that has lovely rooms, a helpful staff and a flexible menu. Almansor Court is a wonderful choice. They have menu options to suit a variety of budgets. You can customize the menu to make sure that you don’t go over budget. 

    The helpful staff will guide you through the party planning process so that no venue-related detail will be forgotten. 

    Almansor Court is a fabulous party location in San Gabriel Valley. Keep the above sweet 16 planning tips in mind so that your teenager will have a party that is memorable but that won’t break the bank.

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    Sweet 16 Party Planning Tips

    September 24, 2012 |

    In recent years some sweet 16 parties have become more like lavish weddings that a child’s party. While turning 16 is certainly a milestone worth celebrating, not everyone has the means or desire to throw a party worthy of a hip-hop music mogul. The good news is that you don’t have to take a second mortgage to throw a fabulous sweet 16 party. Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting some sweet 16 planning tips that will help you keep it reasonable and still please your teen.  The first tip is about “Budget”.

    Set a Budget

    This is the same advice given to brides, and it is just as important when planning a sweet 16 party. One of the most important sweet 16 planning tips that you will hear is to set a budget and then stick to it. This involves more than setting a total dollar amount for the entire event. You must also break down the budget into categories so that as you plan the party you will have a clear understanding regarding how much you can spend on each detail. Some of the categories you should include in your budget are:

    • Food
    • Attire
    • Gifts
    • Transportation
    • Music

    Once you have decided on a budget, sit down and go over it with your teen. As you go about the planning, you can allow them to make decisions with the understanding that going outside of the budget  is not an option.

    Our next post will discuss the single most important decision you can make for the sweet 16 party – The Venue!

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    Corporate Parties

    September 24, 2012 |


    The holiday season is a great time to host corporate parties. You will be able to thank your employees and clients for their loyalty and hard work and celebrate the holidays at the same time. A corporate party is a great way to show your appreciation and have a fun, relaxing night with the people that you work with all year long.

    Almansor Court is the perfect venue for many reasons. The food is fabulous, and there are menu options to suit just about any budget. We also have rooms to suit parties of most any size. Businesses in the San Gabriel Valley are not the only ones who should take advantage of this beautiful venue.

    You can make the night even more memorable for your guests by renting a party bus to take them from your city to Almansor Court. White Rose Limousine offers many types of party buses that will make your party guests feel like VIPs from the moment that they step inside.

    Choosing a party bus allows the party to start as soon as you all get together rather than having to wait until everyone has arrived at the venue. A party bus also eliminates the chance of someone driving after they have had a little too much to drink.  Special rates are available for weekday events, so you can rent a luxurious party bus without blowing your budget. 

    Almansor Court also offers special low rates for parties that are held on certain weekdays.  Even if you think that a corporate party is outside of your budget, you may be surprised just how affordable Almansor Court can make such an event. We have menu options that start as low as $16 per person.

    Because Almansor Court does all of the work, you won’t need a huge committee of people to plan the party. Just meet with a member of our knowledgeable staff, choose your menu and room,and we will do the rest. Perhaps, best of all, you won’t have to worry about clean up after the party!

    Call today to learn how easy it is to thank your staff and/or clients. Whether you choose the Share-a-Holiday event or want to host a corporate party, Alamansor Court makes it easy and affordable.


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    Holidays at Almansor Court

    September 24, 2012 |

    December is a busy time of year for us here at Almansor Court, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. One of the reasons that we stay busy is that many businesses are looking for ways to thank their employees and/or clients during the holiday season. 


    If you want to treat your employees to a holiday event, but don’t have the time or budget to host a party, Almansor Court’s Share-a-Holiday event is the perfect solution. Gather up everyone from the office and treat them to an all-you-can-eat buffet, dancing and door prizes. 

    Share-a-Holiday costs only $17.95 per person, plus tax and service charge. The event takes place on Tuesday, December 13th from 11-3. Reservations are required and space will fill up fast! Call 626-570-4600to reserve your spots today.

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    Booking School Events

    September 24, 2012 |

    Planning proms, formals and other school events can be a lot of work; but it doesn’t have to be that way! Almansor Court, a banquet facility located in the San Gabriel Valley, hosts dozens of school events every year. Our staff is skilled at working with the school’s planning committee to ensure that the event comes off even better than you could have imagined. 

    Almansor Court has already booked several such events for this school year, and we know one thing that is important is developing a theme. Below are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

    Winter Wonderland

    This is a theme that Almansor Court has helped perfect many times. Imagine everything covered in white, with a variety of snowflakes hanging and resting all over the room. This theme lends itself perfectly to the fairy tale feel that many teenagers have imagined for their prom night or other special dance.

    Red Carpet Glamour

    This theme will encourage party-goers to break out their most glamorous formal wear. Set up a red carpet where the paparazzi (also known as the event photographer) can capture the “celebrities” as they enter the room. Almansor Court can help you incorporate décor ideas straight from the biggest events in Hollywood and translate them for use at your school’s very own red carpet event. 

    With the right help, planning a school’s special event doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Almansor Court help you make your next prom, formal or other event the best one your students have ever seen.

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    Almansor Court’s 2011 Fall Bridal Show

    September 24, 2012 |

    Planning a wedding takes a lot of knowledge and planning. Keeping up with the latest bridal trends is important if you want your wedding to be the best event possible. One way to get up-to-date on all things bridal is to attend a bridal show.

    Almansor Court will be hosting a Bridal Showcase on October 4, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. And there are so many good reasons to take time to attend this event.

    1.    Just as the world of fashion is ever evolving, so is the world of bridal. The Bridal Showcase gives you a chance to see the latest bridal trends in one place.

    2.    The food is a big part of any wedding. At the Bridal Showcase, you will have a chance to sample menu items instead of having to make a special trip just for that purpose.

    3.    Catering specialists will be on hand to talk with you about your upcoming wedding. They will be able to give you some insight into what you need to offer guests and can answer any questions that you might have.

    4.    Brides will have a chance to see the banquet room decked out in all of its bridal glory. It can be difficult to imagine how beautiful a room could be – and sometimes looking at pictures doesn’t give you the full effect. At the Bridal Showcase, you will be able to see just how gorgeous our rooms are when dressed up for a special event.

    Don’t miss this chance to take your wedding planning to the next level.R.S.V.P. by September 29th by calling 626-570-4600. We look forward to meeting many new brides and helping you to make your day unforgettable.

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    Corporate Event Planning Tips – Part II

    September 24, 2012 |

    Corporate event planning continued…..(see Part I)


    Providing favors to participants of your corporate event is a detail that is often overlooked by novice corporate event planners. The first thing you will need to do is set a budget for the favors. Once you know how much you can spend, you can begin to explore the options.

    You will want to make a final decision about favors several weeks before the event. This will allow time for mail order items to arrive and for any necessary assembly.


    If you will be providing any transportation for participants, then you need to book the cars or buses as soon as you have a date. Remember, you will be competing for the cars or buses with weddings, bachelor parties and other special events. To have your choice of vehicles, book early.


    Selecting a caterer can be one of the most challenging parts of corporate event planning. Some venues are able to provide the food for the event. Choosing such a venue is the best way to drastically cut your workload related to planning the event.

    If you do need to choose a caterer, you need to start the selection process right away – even before you have an exact date. Narrow down your choices so that when you do have a date you will be able to book your selected caterer right away.

    You will also need to consider: photography, parking, interactive game logistics and lighting. Finally, one of the most important choices you will make is the venue.


    Of course, not every corporate event will require all of the items listed above. The good news is that choosing the right corporate event venuecan greatly lighten your load. Some things to consider are size of the banquet rooms, location and amenities. When you handle your corporate event planning through Almansor Court, the helpful staff will handle many of the other details for you.

    Call today to learn how Almansor Court can offer you some business event planning tips that will make organizing your next corporate event a breeze.

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    Corporate Event Planning Tips – Part I

    September 24, 2012 |

    Corporate event planning involves many moving parts. You need to plan for a venue, food, transportation and a host of other details. Corporate events include parties, training events and other types of meetings. Yes, there are a lot of items to consider. But that doesn’t mean that corporate event planning is difficult. This is Part I of a II Part Post on Corporate Event Planning. Below are some things to consider so that your corporate event planning efforts will yield the desired results.


    A live band, a DJ, a comedian, dancers or any other type of entertainment should be booked as soon as possible. Once you have a date for your event, begin to narrow down your list of entertainers. Remember, the best will be booked months in advance, so put down a deposit as soon as you make a decision.

    Audio Visual Equipment

    This includes microphones, speakers, televisions, overhead projectors and computer setups. Some venues will provide certain pieces of audio visual equipment. Others will need to be rented and brought to the venue.


    You want the décor to fit the event. If you are handling corporate event planning for a company Christmas party, the décor needs will be much different than if you are planning a board meeting. Depending on the venue that you choose, some décor options will be provided. If you need to bring in other items, be sure to coordinate with the venue about how much in advance you will have access to the event room(s).


    If you require staging for your corporate event, be sure to discuss this with your selected venue. If your venue does not have staging on hand, it can be rented from a local supply company and brought to the venue.

    Check back soon for more tips we’ll cover in Part II of our Corporate Event Planning series.

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    Planning a Funeral Reception

    September 24, 2012 |

    The death of a loved one is understandably a very stressful time. Still, amidst the stress and grief, the family that is left behind has many tasks to complete in the week following the death. One such event that requires planning is the funeral reception.

    The need to organize the funeral reception, sometimes called a repast, can seem like a daunting task; but the right location will help with all of the details. Below are some items to think about when planning a funeral reception.

    The Purpose

    The purpose of a funeral reception or repast is to allow friends and family to gather after the funeral to comfort each other and spend a bit more time remembering their loved one. This is a time for the family to be able to see the support that is available to them and to hear words of comfort from the attendees.

    There is usually a meal involved, and that can mean a lot of work for the family. Also, if the event is held at their home, they have to deal with cleanup and, perhaps, with guests who linger just a bit too long. These are all good reasons to hold the funeral reception at a banquet facility.

    Almansor Court is very experienced in handling funeral receptions. The staff can make the process easier and will handle most of the details.

    Assign a Host

    Because the funeral reception typically takes place immediately following the graveside service, it is a good idea to assign a host to greet guests who may arrive before the family. Even if there is no chance of this, having someone available to greet guests and show them where to go is still a good idea.

    If a funeral reception is held at Almansor Court, a staff member would be able to show guests to the correct room and provide some general direction until the family arrived.

    How to Announce It

    A common question about funeral receptions is how to announce the event. If you plan for the event to be only for select people, then you will have to spread the news through word of mouth. If the funeral reception is more open, then you can ask the minister or funeral director to announce the reception, including location, at the end of the services.


    As mentioned above, a funeral reception typically involves a meal. Trying to plan and organize a meal can just be too much for a grieving family. This is another reason that holding the funeral reception at Almansor Court makes sense. All the family has to do is book the room and select their menu. Everything else from cooking to serving to cleanup is handled by the staff.

    Call Almansor Court today to ask about our affordable menu options and learn how we can accommodate groups of just about any size.

    Place for Cards

    You will also need a small table or box in which guests can place sympathy cards. This will help to keep all such cards together, ensuring that they make it into the hands of the family members.

    Almansor Court will be happy to help you during this difficult time in your life. Our helpful and caring staff will make sure that every detail is taken care of so that you can visit with guests and not have to give one thought to the food or cleanup.

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    Favorite Summer Pastimes

    September 24, 2012 |

    It is hard to believe that summer is almost here! In honor of what is the favorite season for many people, below is a list of a few favorite pastimes ideas. Some may already be part of your own summer traditions. Others can be wonderful new traditions in the making.

    Sunday Brunch

    Since school is out during the summer, it would stand to reason that the family would automatically have more time together. Of course, if you have kids, you know this is not necessarily the case. In many families, both parents work, the kid’s extra-curricular activities often include summer practices and, of course, most kids have very busy social lives to manage.

    Sunday Brunch is a great way to get the whole family in one spot for a meal and time to catch up on the week’s activities. Why not make Sunday Brunch a regular family event?

    Of course, a bit part of summertime is enjoying the sunshine and being outdoors. Sunday Brunch at Almansor Court allows you to forego the cooking duties and to enjoy a fabulous meal with amazing views of the summer sky. You don’t need to travel to a fancy resort in order to enjoy a first class brunch set on a championship golf course. Just come to Almansor Court!

    The Beach

    For most, this one should go without saying, but it’s tough to talk about summer pastimes without a mention of the beach – especially in California. Swimming, tanning, building sandcastles and scouting the perfect spot for your beach blanket are just a few things that describe this most popular summer activity.

    Road Trips

    Whether it’s a trip that covers several states or one that is simply a day trip, road trips are a great way to make summertime memories. If you don’t have one, consider renting a convertible for your journey and be sure to have plenty of upbeat, summer-themed music to sing along with on your drive.

    Lazy Afternoons

    For many, some of the best summer memories were made in their own backyard. You don’t need a fancy swimming pool to have fun at home. Mom and dad can sit on the porch sipping a cold drink and reading the newspaper while the kids play in the sprinklers or on a Slip and Slide. Remember, sometimes the best summer pastimes are about the simple things in life.

    Walks in the Park

    Bring the kids, the dogs, a picnic basket and a kite and you have the making for a perfect walk in the park on a summer day. The kids can burn off some energy, dad can prove his kite flying savvy and then the whole family can enjoy a simple picnic lunch.

    Beating the Heat

    Finally, finding fun ways to beat the heat is fun summertime challenge. This might include taking in a double feature to take advantage of the movie theater’s air conditioning or riding around with the car’s top down.

    Everyone has their own fun summertime traditions. Keep the old ones, and make some new ones, such as Sunday Brunch, so that your summer days will be as memorable as possible.

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    Why Use Almansor Court For Your Next Business Meeting

    September 24, 2012 |

    When you are planning a business meeting, one of the very first decisions must be to choose a meeting facility. Once you have locked down the event facility – as long as you choose the right corporate event facility – the rest of the planning is going to be easy. In the San Gabriel Valley there are a few venues competing to host your next corporate event, but none of them can match the service that you will receive if you choose Almansor Court.

    Almansor Court has features that you won’t find at many other corporate events venues. The grounds are beautiful, and all of our meeting rooms are conducive to getting business done. We can accommodate groups of most any size, and will be happy to work with you to customize the space that you need.

    Below are just a few of the great reasons why many companies choose Almansor Court for their corporate events or business meetings.

    Break Out Rooms

    We offer breakout rooms that will allow you to meet with the entire group and then break into smaller groups for specialized training or small group presentations. There are not many venues that can offer this flexibility. When you host your business meeting here, we work with you to give you access to as much of the facility as you need to get your business done.

    Low Cost Packages

    For all of the fabulous services that Almansor Court provides, we offer the lowest cost lunch buffet meeting packages in the area. This is surprising – even to us! Our Meeting Planner Special is just $25.95 per person. Look at all that you get for that low price:

    • Complimentary meeting room
    • Continental breakfast
    • Mid-morning coffee break
    • Catered lunch

    Afternoon Snack

    This is a great value, and will provide your group with all the energy that they need to work through the day without the need to leave for lunch.

    Customized Upgrades on Continental Breakfasts

    You can add items, such as eggs or oatmeal, to the continental breakfast in order to provide a heartier morning meal. This is a great way to customize your menu without a lot of extra cost.

    Lunch Room with a View

    Take lunch on the patio that offers a gorgeous view of our grounds.* This is a great way to allow attendees to enjoy the beautiful weather and clear their heads before heading back in for the afternoon sessions.

    Our food is prepared by talented chefs and our menu options are extensive and include vegetarian entrees. We have something for everyone.

    The staff at Almansor Court will work hard so that you can focus on the meeting without having to worry about the facility or the food. Once you choose us for your next corporate event, we will take care of everything. Once you have a meeting at Almansor Court, you will understand why we have such a high percentage of repeat business. People come back to us again and again because we have a superior facility that offers great service and great value.

    *Offered when available.

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    Anniversary Parties in the Spring Time

    September 24, 2012 |

    Spring is a wonderful time for an anniversary. Start your anniversary party planning right now, before all of the best venues have been booked. When it comes to event venues in Los Angeles, it is hard to top Almansor Court. We have a variety of banquet rooms that can handle both small and large parties.

    Anniversary Party Planning: The Basics

    Some people think that an anniversary party is only for those who have been married for 50 years. The fact is that, especially in this day and age, when a couple stays together that is always worth celebrating! It is not unheard of for couples to celebrate milestone anniversaries after as few as five years of marriage.

    Also, if a couple was unable to have a nice wedding with a reception, they may use their first anniversary as a chance to celebrate their union with family and friends.

    Of course, milestones of 20, 25, 30 or more years DEFINITELY deserves a good anniversary party.

    Who Should Throw the Party

    Most commonly, an anniversary party would be organized by the children of the couple, but if someone that you care about is celebrating a special anniversary, there is no reason that you could not throw a party for them. Other couples organize the party for themselves. They just want to be able to gather with family and friends and celebrate their love.

    Who to Invite

    Invite family, friends, co-workers and anyone else that the couple would love to see at their party. For bigger milestones, it is not uncommon for old friends to fly across the country to attend an anniversary party.

    What to Include

    An anniversary party is just like any other and should include music, great food, lovely decorations and maybe some dancing. You can also prepare a tribute to the couple in the form of a video or photo montage.

    Anniversary Party Planning Made Easy

    There are many details involved with planning an anniversary party, but the planning is easy when you have your event at Almansor Court. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help you with all aspects of your party planning. After meeting with you to discuss décor and menu options, we take care of the rest. You won’t even have to clean up when the party is over.

    Spring time anniversary parties at Almansor Court are especially beautiful. In addition to our banquet rooms, we also have lush, gorgeous grounds that make an amazing backdrop for an outdoor party on our patio or under our gazebo. The sweeping views will make the party even more special and memorable.

    When it comes to food, Almansor Court delivers every time. Our menu features a diverse selection of entrees, and there are menus to fit every budget. Examples of our entrees include honey glazed chicken, rib steak Provencal, prime rib, Atlantic salmon and chicken Florentine. We also have several options for vegetarians and can provide these plates in any quantity required for your party. Some of our most popular vegetarian options include pasta primavera and vegetable lasagna.

    We offer both plated and buffet meals and a dizzyingly large number of dessert options. In short: our food is amazing!

    Call and talk to one of the friendly members of our staff today. With just one phone call, you will be on your way to planning an unforgettable anniversary party at one of the best venues in Los Angeles.

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    What to Expect from Our Bridal Shows

    September 23, 2012 |

    Bridal shows can be a very useful tool for a bride-to-be. Of course, not all bridal shows are created equally, so to make the most of your time and effort be sure to choose one where quality vendors and samples are what you can expect.

    There are many bridal shows in Los Angeles, but ours is one of the very best! You don’t have to take our word for it. Below is an excerpt from a review written by a bride who attended our very successful October bridal show.

    “…This was my first expo and I had my co-worker there to accompany me as well as get their opinions for this potential wedding venue. They had a full bar set up with wine tasting samples for $1 (that scored major points)..then they had a buffet with all the different meals and appetizers they offer (free btw)..after, we were directed to the reception room with different table settings and centerpieces(some were gorgeous!). We sat down and enjoyed our meals and punch while a live band played a variety of music. We made our way to a separate room of the facility and met with different vendors that did cakes, photography, entertainment etc…there was even a photo booth where we took some funny pictures :p…If you are planning on getting married, I recommend going to a bridal expo! You get a true feel for what your wedding could be;)”

    The bride who wrote the above review hit on the main reason a bride-to-be should attend a bridal show; because “you get a true feel for what your wedding could be.” Keep in mind that this is not necessarily the case with all bridal shows, but at Almansor Court, we actually serve samples of the food you could have at your wedding and we have several sample centerpieces in addition to other décor. Attendees will also have the chance to see all of our facilities and meet our helpful and knowledgeable staff.

    Another reason to attend bridal shows in Los Angeles is to get a chance to meet a variety of vendors. In one afternoon you will be able to meet with photographers, florists, bakers and other vendors all under one roof. You’ll be able to view their portfolios and chat with the vendors.

    Almansor Court will be hosting another bridal show on April 5th, 2011. When the doors open at 6:30, brides-to-be will be ushered into the show where they will be able to sample many items from the wedding package menu, see how the ballrooms look when all decked out for a wedding and meet with vendors. Be sure to join us for this event. If you’re planning a wedding, you can’t afford to miss it!

    Whether you are early in the planning stages or soon to be married, a stop at a bridal show is a great way to be sure that you are not forgetting any details and have a great time doing it.

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    Banquets and Buffets – What to Expect

    September 23, 2012 |

    When planning any type of special event, the food is one of the biggest considerations. Trying to please everyone on the guest list is sometimes downright impossible. But by understanding what to expect from a banquet or buffet style event you can take steps to ensure that most will have a pleasant experience.

    Guests should always expect that food at a banquet will be served at the appropriate temperatures and be fresh. This is true whether you choose a bargain basement caterer or one that is the top of the line. Of course, not all banquet facilities take care to make such assurances, so the selection of the banquet hall is of the utmost importance.

    You need to choose a facility that cares about quality and about satisfying each of their guests. Almansor Court has an extensive menu of choices that you hand pick for your event. Quality is extremely important to the staff, and all menu items are prepared with great care.

    With a buffet, wait staff is still usually on hand, but in a much more limited role. In some cases, they will refill drinks at the tables. In other cases, they will just be there to answer questions and refill food items on the table. Of course, with a plated banquet dinner, the role of wait staff will be more inclusive.

    Below are some tips to ensure that your guests will enjoy the food at your event.

    The Venue

    As mentioned above, the selection of the venue is of the utmost importance. They are not all created equally. Choosing a high quality facility is half the battle. If possible, sample the food items that will be served at your event.

    Remember that the staff has as much to do with the experience that your guests will have as the food does. Professional, attentive and courteous staff is a must.

    Food Items

    An extensive menu of options is another way that you can cater to the tastes of as many of your guests as possible. Almansor Court has a menu that includes a very large selection of items. There are dozens of beef, chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. Some facilities only offer one vegetarian option. Almansor Court has four, including vegetable lasagna, pasta primavera and garden vegetable compote.

    There are a number of buffet options that each feature dozens of items and the dessert menu includes an array of pastries and an optional ice cream sundae bar.

    Special Needs

    It seems like everyone these days has some sort of special needs when it comes to what they eat. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, soy-free and an ever expanding array of food allergies must be on the minds of anyone planning a special event that involves food.

    If possible, ask guests about special dietary needs. This can be done by making a spot on the R.S.V.P. for such a request. Of course, this is not possible for every event. The best that you can do is offer enough variety in the menu that all guests will be able to eat something.

    100% Satisfaction? It’s Not Going to Happen

    At any event, there is likely to be at least a couple of guests that are not pleased with some aspect of their experience, including the food. Just expect that, and don’t take it personally.

    Let Almansor Court handle your next special event. We take great pride in our extensive menu and in the care with which we prepare our food. We will work hard so that you and your guests will have the best possible experience.

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    Wedding Locations in Los Angeles – What to Look For

    September 21, 2012 |

    Couples searching for wedding locations in Los Angeles have many things in their favor. The gorgeous California weather and many possibilities for beautiful, natural backdrops cannot be matched in most other parts of the country. So what should you look for when trying to choose the perfect spot for your wedding? Below are some factors to keep in mind when scouting out the perfect romantic venue.


    One of the most important criteria for many brides when choosing wedding locations in Los Angeles is the view. Some things about a location cannot be changed. If there is an obstruction to the view, loud planes flying overhead or a noisy freeway in the background you should probably scratch that particular location off of your list.

    Instead, look for a place that offers a beautiful view and serene setting. Almansor Court offers lakeside weddings under a lovely gazebo. You and your guests will have a view of the lake and the fountain from the meticulously landscaped lawn.

    An outdoor wedding will allow you to enjoy the weather and the clear blue skies. Of course, Almansor Court also holds indoor wedding ceremonies with a beautiful view of the outside landscape.


    You do not want your important guests to show up late to your wedding because they got stuck in traffic or couldn’t find a place to park. Choosing a wedding location in Los Angeles can increase the risk of this happening. Instead, consider a location that is just outside of the downtown area.

    Almansor Court will allow your guests to reach your wedding without enduring as much traffic. Also, free and ample parking is available, and that is a huge plus in the Los Angeles area!


    Not all vendors will work at every location. Some of the best work only with a few dedicated locations. When you are looking for a venue, be sure to get an idea of the vendors that will be willing to work with you at your selected spot.

    When you choose Almansor Court, you will have access to some of the best vendors in the wedding industry. Almansor Court chooses only vendors that provide top quality services, so the screening has already been done for you.

    We have a select group of vendors to help you with virtually every aspect of your wedding imaginable, such as DJs, Musicians, Photography, Bakeries, Florists, Decorations, Hotel Accommodations, Photo Booths, Formal Wear, Invitations, Ice Sculptures, Limousines, Specialty Linens, Chocolate Fountains, Hair, Makeup, Officiates, and Wedding Planners.

    We’ve only discussed a few of the criteria for selecting the perfect wedding venue in LA. Our next post will get into how the budget, reception, and service are all affected by the wedding location you choose. Thanks for reading our blog!

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    Golf Course Weddings in Southern California

    September 20, 2012 |

    You do not have to be a fan of the game to see the benefits of a golf course wedding. In fact, the popularity of golf course weddings in Southern California continues to rise as people see just how beautiful these weddings can be.

    Ready Made Backdrop

    When you choose a golf course wedding in Southern California, you do not need to worry as much about figuring out a way to decorate the venue. Of course, you will still be able to add personal touches to make the space your own, but for the most part, the golf course is the backdrop.

    While some other outdoor venues may require a lot of work to make the space beautiful, golf courses are typically a ready made backdrop just waiting for those few special touches from the bride.

    Sweeping Views

    Many golf courses provide stunning views of the greenery and surrounding landscape. Depending on where you choose to set up the wedding site, your guests may be treated to sweeping views that seem to go on for miles.

    There are few outdoor venues that can provide the same expanse of perfectly manicured green lawns as can a golf course wedding. Alhambra is home to golf courses that rival the best in terms of sheer beauty. Also, the weather in Southern California makes a golf course wedding a perfect choice, no matter the time of year.

    Almansor Court is one example of a wedding venue that can provide gorgeous golf course views along with great food, elegant table settings and everything else you could want in a golf course wedding.

    An Expensive Choice?

    Some brides do not consider a golf course wedding, because they think it would be well out of their price range. While some golf courses do charge more than some couples could afford, there are more reasonable options available.

    Almansor Court offers golf course weddings in Alhambra with options to suit most wedding budgets. Their lakeside gazebo weddings can accommodate parties of most any size from 30 guests up to 600 guests. The view from the gazebo is a perfectly manicured golf course that makes a gorgeous backdrop not only for the ceremony and reception, but for the wedding photos as well.

    This Alahambra golf course wedding venue has an extensive list of menu items from which you can create your perfect reception. There are affordable wedding packages available. Some include everything from open bar, chocolates at every table, wine with dinner and hors d’oeuvres. All of the wedding packages include a champagne toast, three course meal and much more.

    It is hard to match a golf course wedding in terms of beauty and elegance. Let one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Alhambra help make your dreams for your big day come true.

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    Best Retirement Party Location

    September 20, 2012 |

    A retirement party is a REALLY good reason to party. The person being honored has worked long and hard for many years and is now ready to relax and enjoy some much-deserved leisure time. Almansor Court is one of the best retirement party locations in the San Gabriel Valley area.

    In addition to the fact that they have beautiful banquet rooms, gorgeous grounds, delicious food and a very helpful staff, Almansor Court also has plenty of experience. This facility hosts many retirement parties, particularly in the early summer when several teachers say goodbye to teaching and enter retirement.

    Almansor Court is a banquet facility that hosts weddings and all types of parties so the staff really knows what they’re doing. They will think of all the details that you might forget, ensuring that the retirement party will go off without a hitch. The best part is that you won’t have to lift a finger come party time.

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    The Best Location for a Graduation Party in San Gabriel Valley

    September 19, 2012 |

    Graduating from high school or college is no small feat, and that’s why the event calls for a party. While you could have the party at your home, that means a lot of planning, cooking and cleaning. You also might not be able to comfortably fit as many guests as you would like. Instead, why not choose a graduation party location where all of the work is done for you?

    Almansor Court is one of the best graduation party locations in San Gabriel Valley. Because Almansor Court is a banquet facility, you know that you are in good hands. Whether you want an intimate party with just 25 guests or plan to invite the entire neighborhood, Almansor Court can meet your needs.

    If you think that this type of graduation party location might be more than you can afford, keep in mind that while full menus are available, you can also choose to serve simple hors d’oeuvres instead. That will keep the costs down while still leaving all of the work to the staff.

    You can choose to have your party in a banquet room or, for a party that takes advantage of the wonderful California weather, opt to have the party in our gazebo. Either way, the Almansor Court staff will work with you every step of the way.

    When your loved one graduates, it is a milestone event in his or her life. You should be able to celebrate with them rather than having to cook, serve and clean up. Choose Almansor Court for your graduation party location. Enjoy the beautiful rooms, grounds and delicious food and leave all the work to the staff!

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    How to Make Your Wedding Reception Venue Fit Your Theme

    September 19, 2012 |

    Theme weddings are a popular choice. Whether your theme is romantic, such as Victorian, or much more quirky, such as a firefighter-themed wedding, there are tips to help your wedding reception venue fit your theme.

    1. The Right Venue

    The most important tip may be to choose your wedding reception venue carefully. You want to find a venue that is willing to work with you and allow you to make reasonable requests when it comes to décor and other items.

    Almansor Court has worked with hundreds of brides who wanted their theme to be incorporated into their reception in various ways. The professional staff at this wedding reception venue will work hard to make sure that your vision comes to life.

    2. Decorations

    Obviously, decorations go a long way in bringing your theme wedding reception together. You do not necessarily need to cover the venue in obvious theme-related décor. Instead, subtle is often best. For example, one bride had a Victorian-themed wedding. She placed lovely antique lace fans on the food, cake and gift tables. This was one of many subtle touches this bride used to help make her theme come alive.

    3. Music

    The music that you choose can be an easy and inexpensive way to embellish your theme. Choose music that will help put the guests in a mood that fits your theme. For example, choose classical music for a Victorian theme or big band for a wedding with a 1940’s glamour theme.

    Of course, not all themes will have appropriate music choices, but if your theme does, including it is a nice touch. You do not have to have this theme music playing all night. Perhaps such music could be playing as guests arrive, or during the meal. Then, you can switch to other musical selections when it is time for dancing.

    4. Table Settings

    The table setting at a wedding reception venue is another way to drive home your theme. While most wedding reception venues provide a basic table setting, many will allow you to add your own touches.

    The same bride who placed antique lace fans around her wedding reception venue also added some items to her table décor. For favors, she had selected lovely Victorian style picture frames. She placed one at each place setting with a single dried rose placed in front of the frame, lying on the table.

    For the centerpieces, she selected hurricane globes with candles and then used additional dried roses as accents. The wedding reception venue did not supply the hurricane globes, so she had to purchase them. Such extra expenses are worth it to many brides who are working to help their wedding reception venue fit their theme.

    5. Extra Touches

    There are a number of ways that extra touches can be used to add to the feel of the theme at your wedding reception venue. Some brides hire vendors, such as strolling musicians or, for the most quirky of themes, even costumed interpretative characters. Favors, the cake and the food are other ways to add extra touches concerning your theme.

    Making your wedding reception fit your theme is easier than you might think. The key is often in the details, so keep your theme in mind when planning every aspect of your big day.

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    Top 10 Reasons to go to Sunday Brunch

    September 19, 2012 |

    There are so many wonderful places for Sunday brunch in San Gabriel that it is a shame if you don’t go at least once a month. Sure, no one wants to get out of bed on a Sunday morning if they don’t have to, but one of the best places to find champagne Sunday brunch near Los Angeles is at Almansor Court and they serve until 2:00. That means you can have your sleep, and eat well too!

    Here are 10 reasons to go to Sunday brunch in the San Gabriel Valley.

    1. It’s Not a Work Day

    For most people, Sunday isn’t a work day. That means you can eat whenever you want. What other day of the week can you sleep until noon and then head off for a fabulous brunch? Take advantage of this day off to spoil yourself and have a meal with a friend you might not be able to see for the rest of the busy work week.

    2. You Won’t Have to Clean Up

    If this was the only reason on the list, it would be enough. You won’t have to clear the table, wash the dishes or even put the carton of orange juice back in the refrigerator. You have but one job: to eat some of the best Sunday brunch offerings in all of Los Angeles.

    3. You’ll Be Full ALL Day

    While you would probably have to stop short of claiming that a scrumptious Sunday brunch is part of your diet plan (although there ARE plenty of healthy choices), you will likely be full for the rest of the day. That means not only can you skip cooking breakfast, but you probably won’t need to cook for the entire day.

    4. So Many Choices

    One of the best choices for champagne Sunday brunch near Los Angeles offers an extensive menu of items you might be surprised to find on a brunch menu. Sure, the expected choices, such as omelets and waffles are there, but seafood, salad and indulgent desserts are included as well.

    5. There’s a Coupon!

    The best champagne Sunday brunch near Los Angeles is found at Almansor Court in Alhambra. The prices are already more than reasonable. Adults pay just $22.95 and children ages 3-10 pay $5.95. Add to that the coupon that can be downloaded from the Web site and you have a gourmet Sunday brunch that’s a steal!

    6. It’s an After-Church Treat

    Make Sunday’s fun by starting a tradition of going to Sunday brunch after church. As mentioned earlier, the brunch continues until 2:00, so even if you get out of church a bit late you’ll still have plenty of time to make it to brunch.

    7. Your Waffles Never Turn Out This Good

    It doesn’t matter how good of a cook you are, it would be tough to match the skill of the chefs that create the menu for the Sunday brunch at Almansor Court. Everything on the menu is made to the highest standards. It really is some of the best food around.

    8. Wonderful Service

    Sure the food is fabulous, but so is the service. In addition to enjoying some of best breakfast and lunch choices in the county, you will be treated like royalty the whole time as well.

    9. Start the Week Off Right

    Everyone dreads going back to work on Monday. Why not ease your sorrows by treating yourself to one last hurrah before heading back to work. Sunday brunch is a way to start your week off in a pleasant way so that you will be ready to face whatever Monday may bring.

    10. Champagne!

    The Sunday brunch at Almansor Court also includes delicious breakfast cocktails. Head to Sunday brunch and enjoy your first chance of the week to eat, drink and be merry!

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    Getting the Most from Your Photography Session

    September 19, 2012 |

    While many details of your wedding day are for one day only, the wedding photographs are something that you will have and cherish for years to come. For that reason, you must work to make sure the photographs are as fabulous as possible.

    The Photographer

    While saving money on your wedding may be a priority for many brides, the wedding photographer is not the detail that you should scrimp on. If you must, cut corners in other wedding details, but find the photographer whose work impresses you the most. Browse through as much of his or her portfolio as possible, and then choose the photographer whose style best matches your vision for your own wedding photographs.

    The Location

    When it comes to choosing a wedding ceremony location, Los Angeles has plenty of options. Of course, many brides choose the same location to do at least part of their formal wedding photography session.

    When choosing a location, be sure to pay attention to any details that would make the location extra special in terms of a photo shoot. For example, for a lakeside wedding reception, Los Angeles has a number of beautiful options.

    Almansor Court is a venue that lends itself beautifully to photography sessions. While the interior spaces are quite lovely, it is outside where Almansor Court really provides some exceptional backdrops for wedding photographs.

    There is a beautiful, large gazebo right next to the lake. The entire wedding party will be able to fit in the gazebo for pictures, with the lake providing a serene blue background. There is also a large fountain that would be great for both traditional photos and in a “trash the dress” style shoot.

    The beautifully landscaped grounds of Almansor Court, including mature trees and expansive and impossibly perfect manicured lawns, provide endless possibilities for your photography session.

    Have a Plan

    Some brides leave the planning portion of the wedding photography session completely up to the photographer. Even if the photographer has years of experience and is very talented, he or she will still not necessarily know exactly what you would like to get out of the session.

    That is why it is a good idea to have a planning session ahead of time. You will be able to discuss specific shots that you want to include, go over any special effects you may be interested in incorporating, and go over location options.

    If you plan to shoot at the wedding ceremony location, Los Angeles brides need to keep in mind that in such a big city, it is always wedding season. You will need to check with the venue well in advance to make sure the exact locations you are interested in will be available for your photography session.

    Trash the Dress

    Trash the dress style wedding photography sessions continue to grow in popularity. These sessions take place after the wedding and are similar in style to what one might see in a fashion magazine spread. There are no rules and couples often splash in the ocean, run along railroad tracks or even sit in the mud, all while wearing their wedding finery.

    This makes for amazing pictures that you will always treasure.

    Again, your wedding photography session is one of the most important details of your wedding. These are the pictures that you will show your children and grandchildren. Take the time to plan so that you will get the best possible results.

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    How to Ensure a Successful Quinceanera Celebration

    September 19, 2012 |

    The Quinceanera celebration is an important celebration for your daughter. Some consider it the most important celebration in her life next to her wedding day. Therefore, it is important to ensure that every preparation is taken to make it successful.

    Here are the most important steps to take in preparing for the big day:

    • One must choose the venue carefully. Most people prefer using Quinceanera banquet facilities in Los Angeles, as they make work involved much easier. Almansor Court, for instance, offers a splendid banquet facility suitable for any group size. It’s important to remember that the choice of venue determines how successful a Quinceanera celebration will be.
    • The menu is also of equal importance. Quinceaneras are common celebrations in Los Angeles. However, not all banquet facilities include a menu dedicated for this occasion. Almansor Court is one of the few facilities that not only offer a Quinceanera menu, they also allow you to design a specific banquet menu just for your Quinceanera.
    • A Quinceanera celebration is not complete without a dance. That is why you must ensure that the venue is appropriate for dancing. Quinceaneras banquet facilities in Los Angeles are the best venue choices because they are all set up for dancing. You can opt for a ballroom with portable dance floors or even a banquet room with built in dance floors and stages. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that adults and children alike will have plenty of room to enjoy the celebration.
    • Organizing a huge celebration with a minimal budget can be challenging. The good news is that one of the most affordable, but spectacular Quinceanera banquet facilities in Los Angeles is Almansor Court.

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    How to Prepare for a California Wedding

    September 19, 2012 |

    Preparing for a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks couples face. Choosing the perfect venue can particularly be tricky given all the options. California wedding venues offer everything from banquet facilities to cruise ships.

    Choose the Location: Therefore, the first decision to make is deciding where you want to hold your dream wedding. If you want great weather, beautiful landscape, a central location and affordable rates, then you should take a look at wedding venues in San Gabriel Valley. The Almansor Court is perfect for those envisioning such a wedding. It offers a full-service banquet facility overlooking the lake, guaranteed to bring your dream wedding to a reality.

    Find the Venue: Once you’ve decided that San Gabriel Valley is your location, it’s important to get started with the arrangements as soon as possible. Because there are several magnificent wedding venues in the area, you may find yourself undecided even as the big day draws close.

    It is also advisable to find a wedding venue in San Gabriel Valley that has a variety of décor options. This will allow you to bring in that unique flare to your wedding. If you don’t yet have a particular vision about what your wedding should be, you can always seek the help of professionals. A wedding planner or consultant will always charge fees. However, Almansor Court offers professional assistance as part of their package to help you design and coordinate the perfect wedding ceremony and reception.

    Select the Menu: When choosing a wedding venue in San Gabriel Valley you must ensure that the menu is diverse. Guests are likely to enjoy a menu that includes delicious entrees that include a vegetarian option as well as appetizers of several selections and a signature drink to match your color or theme.

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    Hold Your Dream Event

    September 19, 2012 |

    With just a few years since its inception, Almansor Court deservedly brags of being the greatest banquet facility in Alhambra. Its specialty is nevertheless not limited to just banquets; it is also highly revered for its excellence in hosting funeral receptions, parties and corporate events just to mention a few. The amiable reputation of this facility is probably why most people consider it as a haven for comfort and relaxation.

    Sunday Brunch: An example of its components is the Sunday Brunch voted #1 Brunch in the San Gabriel Valley, which offers you an opportunity to sample the best cooked dishes in Los Angeles as well as getting selfless service from highly trained administrators and top-notch staff! Together with this comes the opportunity of freely viewing the serene Alhambra Lake, which will definitely etch a memorable experience in your mind.

    Weddings: For those of you who are looking for the perfect wedding spot, we have an ideal wedding location right here in the San Gabriel valley. This spot is professionally designed to carter for both simplicity and sophistication. Its greatest strength however is its stylish model that gives an amazing touch of class. This is not to forget the outdoor elegance that is suitable for unique poses and distinct effects when you want to take photos. There are also varieties of sumptuous meals prepared for you to select. This makes it easy for you to make preparations as all you have to do is give your order in advance and everything will be exactly as you wish. Since different people have different tastes, Almansor court has skilled planners who can help you in customizing our facilities to your desired style.

    Corporate Meetings: The increasingly growing importance of corporate meetings is also catered for by Almansor Court corporate event facility near Los Angeles. This is undoubtedly a one of a kind facility designed especially for you. To begin with, there is keen observation of time by the industrious staff at Almansor court as this is a key element in the corporate world. The rates of hiring our stylish and comfortable rooms are very affordable, thus making it a lovely bargain for clients. The same affordability applies to meal prices, which is also a key consideration. For those of you with additional equipment, there are spacious rooms to accommodate such equipment so do not hesitate to give us a try in your next corporate meeting.

    Quinceaneras: However, while all of the above-mentioned events are vital components of Almansor Court’s facilities, not to mention its reputation as the best Quinceaneras banquet facility in the Los Angeles area. From the magnificent rooms to a wide array of meals, this place is a must-visit! Its splendor is worth the reasonable prices that are charged for using the facility. The environment is also perfect for kids and adults alike, thus making it an augmented force of attraction for family events and other related functions.

    Some other activities that are areas of expertise in Almansor court include:

    • Holiday parties and events
    • Wedding anniversaries
    • Meetings and conferences among many others

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    A Budget-Friendly Event Facility

    September 19, 2012 |

    The San Gabriel Valley is an increasingly popular spot for events. There are a number of budget friendly event facility locations in the San Gabriel Valley offering the unique qualities of Los Angeles without the higher living costs. Events held at facilities in the San Gabriel Valley can enjoy the warm and stable weather, proximity to the nearby San Gabriel Mountains, and access to authentic local Asian or Mexican cuisine.

    Any event facility in the San Gabriel Valley should have these features:

    • Versatile menus for a number of different needs
    • A natural, scenic, and well decorated setting
    • Well-equipped facilities with technology capabilities if needed
    • Event packages that accommodate a number of budgets

    Almansor Court is one of the few facilities in the San Gabriel Valley to offer all of the above at affordable costs. Almansor Court offers extensive menus for different tastes and requirements, Wi-Fi access, audio and visual equipment if needed, and themed special events. The unique features of Almansor Court together with our budget friendly packages make it an excellent choice for your next event facility.

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    How To Select Your Wedding Location

    September 19, 2012 |

    When choosing a wedding location in the San Gabriel Valley, it is important to know what the best locations have to offer. For a memorable and scenic wedding, San Gabriel offers the unique combination of great weather, proximity to Los Angeles, and beautiful scenery from the nearby San Gabriel mountains and the municipal golf course.

    Getting married in a natural setting with a modern facility is a dream for most couples. With the natural features of the San Gabriel Valley, it makes sense to choose a wedding location in the San Gabriel Valley that can:

    • Take advantage of the local scenery
    • Offer versatile facilities
    • Have a helpful and supportive staff on hand for wedding preparation
    • Offer affordable prices for a variety of budgets

    Almansor Court offers a lakeside wedding ceremony that is unparalleled to many other wedding locations in the San Gabriel Valley. A bilingual staff offers professional support and takes care of all the preparation details, allowing the couple and guests to enjoy a scenic wedding. Almansor Court is highly recommended for couples looking for a wedding location in the San Gabriel Valley due to its versatility, helpful staff, and budget friendly packages.

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    How To Select The Quinceanera Location

    September 19, 2012 |

    The Quinceanera celebration is sacred and significant for a young woman and her family and friends. Choosing the right location for the reception will help to ensure that the celebration is a truly memorable and joyous occasion for everyone.

    For the Quinceaneras celebration, there are numerous banquet facilities in the area of Los Angeles. It might be a difficult choice when it comes time to decide where the best location is to celebrate. The best Quinceaneras banquet facilities in Los Angeles should have these following features:

    • Planning services that can help you prepare for the Banquet
    • A delicious menu that is specifically made for Quinceaneras
    • An elegant banquet facility that is scenic and decorated professionally

    Among all of the Quinceaneras Banquet Facilities in Los Angeles, Almansor Court is a stand out because it has all of the above features at very budget friendly costs. The combination of elegance, great preparation from staff, a beautiful setting, and great food at Almansor Court will ensure that the ceremony is enjoyable and memorable for all involved.

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    Top Choice for Holiday Party Celebrations

    September 19, 2012 |

    Holiday parties are great fun in the right location and at the right venue. With so many holidays during the year, it makes sense to celebrate some of them outside the home at a holiday party facility. The San Gabriel Valley is a top spot for any holiday party with a warm Mediterranean-like climate all throughout the year and beautiful scenery.

    There are a number of choices for holiday party facilities in the San Gabriel Valley. However, few of them:

    • Are equipped for holiday party celebration facilities outside of Christmas

    • Offer several choices for themed holiday celebrations

    • Have versatile accommodations

    • Have an extensive banquet menu

    Almansor Court is a top choice among the holiday party celebration facilities in the San Gabriel Valley because it offers all of these features and more. Almansor Court offers celebration facilities for a number of holidays including Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Almansor Court can make any holiday party celebration exciting and enjoyable for every guest.

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